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How to Get Started in Online Poker

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To play online poker, you must first download the poker software to your computer. It only needs a small amount of memory, and downloading it shouldn’t take long even on archaic connections. However, you can find no download poker games at any online poker site, which doesn’t provide the same features as the full download versions. You should therefore choose one of these instead. However, you must note that a no download game won’t allow you to change the table settings and it may be a hassle if you are on a low-speed connection.

Online poker offers an incredible player experience, with a user-friendly User Interface. The game itself is much faster than live games, as the dealing of cards and betting chips is automated. The action happens instantly, and you can play multiple games at the same time. Moreover, online poker idn lets you play on multiple devices at the same time, without being tied to a specific device. As such, playing poker online is convenient and easy to learn. It can be played on desktop computers, laptops, phones, and tablets.

The first state to legalize online poker was Nevada. The law went into effect in February 2013. In December 2011, the Nevada Gaming Commission began drafting its regulations. This was a month after the DOJ made their decision. This is a significant step forward for online poker players. Moreover, it is expected that many other states will follow suit in the near future. Then, online poker could become a mainstream activity. However, it will still require the approval of state governments and regulators before it becomes legal in those states.

Despite the legal challenges that faced the industry, the US internet poker market is thriving. The US Department of Justice recently overturned its ruling from 2011. Moreover, a lawsuit filed by the New Hampshire Lottery Commission was also successful in reaching a favorable ruling. However, the case is still in the appeals process. It could take many years to reach the US Supreme Court. Until then, online poker will remain illegal in the US.

Many online poker sites offer exclusive freerolls and weekly tournaments for players. Many of these tournaments are held by major poker organizations, which offer a chance to win a Series bracelet or Circuit ring. A freeroll can be a great way to get started in online poker. But it is important to remember that there are no freerolls that are not real. To get access to these tournaments, you need to play as many hands as possible during your first few weeks.

The legality of online poker is still a topic of controversy. As you can see, nearly every country views online poker through a different legal lens. In fact, there are numerous changes in the past decade. The market is already too diverse for you to keep up with all the changes. The biggest challenge is choosing a site that accepts US players, while figuring out financial transactions and bonuses. So, how do you find the best site for you?

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